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The human figure has fascinated artists of all time-periods and eras. The appearance, inner state and attitude of the artist are reflected in

the work of art.


Natascha Schmid-Berger’s figures, seemingly small and delicate, are robust (may seem small and delicate, but by no means fragile). They rest within themselves or are in motion and take possession of the space around them. Unique sculptures in silver are centrifugally cast and worked out. Their surface varies from glossy to matte and is uneven in structure. The boundaries between jewellery and sculpture are fluid. Wood, stone, plastic and diverse metals complete the repertoire.


The individual figures show Natascha Schmid-Berger’s passion for the human being and the acuity of her observation of a given person’s inner



Burdened and yet liberated, bravely facing the impossible, ascending to unimagined heights, Natascha Schmid-Berger’s figures allow themselves

to be discovered and rediscovered in ever new motion sequences and constellations.


Natascha Schmid-Berger gives her sculptures, and - through them - us, room to experience, time and again, the new and undreamt of.


Text: Katharina Rüegg, 2018